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Village Builder

Roles: Level Designer, UI Designer

Genre: 2D City Builder

Development Time:  4 Months (Ongoing)

Teams Size: 5

Engine: Unity

Village Builder is a 2D orthographic game where the player is tasked with building up their village by collecting a variety of different resources and completing different level objectives.

It has been in ongoing development for a number of years, with the goal being to help children born with HIV and Malaria-based cognitive deficits. 


  • Updated and redesigned old levels to meet new design goals

  • Implemented and iterated on 6 new levels to teach players new mechanics

  • Updated existing Objectives to help players understand new mechanics better

  • Redesigned UI to allow players to easily see objectives and other important information

  • Worked closely with programmers and artists to implement artwork and mechanics for new buildings

Level Design

One of my main responsibilities on Village Builder was creating levels that helped players find important resources and points of interest quickly. I accomplished this by creating paths that led the players eyes and villagers to areas of importance quickly, as well as placing resource buildings near their respective resource to allow for ease of access.

Difficulty Scaling

Each level builds onto the previous one, with each level adding a new mechanic and/or building that the player can then use to build up their village. A big part of the level making process was making sure players clearly understood the new mechanic introduced, as well as being able to use previous mechanics alongside it.

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