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Village Builder

Level Based City Builder

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In Village Builder, you are tasked with building up a village while completing different objectives. Each level presents a different challenge for players, and is being used to test and increase brain functionality in children born with Malaria and AIDS. 

Currently in development


- Lead Designer

- Level Designer

- UI Designer


- Updated and added onto an existing Unity project with a team of 6 people over 3 months

- Redesigned and updated old levels

- Designed, iterated, and implemented new levels

- Worked closely with artists and programmers to implement necessary artwork and mechanics for a variety of new buildings

Level Design

For the Village Builder levels, one of the aspects I focused on when designing levels was guiding players to each of the resource storages and other places of interest through path placement, as well as implement level objectives that introduce players to new mechanics and buildings.


Difficulty Scaling

Each level builds onto the previous one, with each level adding a new mechanic and/or building that the player can then use to build up their village. A big part of the level making process was making sure players clearly understood the new mechanic introduced, as well as being able to use previous mechanics alongside it.

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