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Brain Powered Games

Games to grow your brain


Brain Powered Games (BPG) is a collection of games designed by Michigan State University's Games for Education and Learning Lab (GEL Lab) to exercise one or more brain functions. Currently they are developing games to help test and increase brain functionality in children born with Malaria and AIDS.

Currently in development


- Lead Designer

- Level Designer

- Mechanics Designer

- UI Designer


- Updated and added onto existing Unity project for a new study with 7 people over 3 months

- Designed and implemented new UI Layouts for both new and existing games

- Worked with programmers to design UI layouts for new systems they were implementing

- Collaborated with other designer to develop new game prototypes through Unity

Simple Game Design

My main goal for the games I was working on at BPG was to turn existing therapy tests and evaluations into fun video games for young children. I made sure to focus on making games out of the therapy tests our client prioritized, while designing around anything that would sacrifice players having fun.


Research and Prototyping

Before developing any new games, I would first ensure that it complimented the other therapy games currently apart of BPG's study. In order to make sure they did, I would do extensive research on past therapy games as well as what types of therapy games we were missing.

After making sure the current game idea would work well in the study, I would prototype the idea in order to clearly communicate how the game would function.

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