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Temperature Shift

Titanfall inspired Unreal Study


Temperature Change is a game where the player controls and changes the temperature in order to reach their main objective. They also have a variety of movement abilities to help them traverse the ever changing environment. It is heavily inspired by Titanfall 2's Effect and Cause level.

Currently in development


- Level Designer

- Technical Designer


- Prototyped and implemented all mechanics, such as Level Streaming, Wall Running, and calculating player inertia

- Researched multiple ways to achieve level goal in order to ensure the most effective solution

- Used Unreal Blueprints to quickly test and change mechanics

Wall Running

The first thing I wanted to tackle for this game was the Wall Running mechanic. It needed to not only allow the player to wall run smoothly, but also carry over the players momentum to their wall running speed. By using Unreal Engine's Blueprint system, I was able to quickly create and fine tune the feel of it.


Different Routes

A focus of mine while designing this prototype was making sure that there were a variety of different routes that the player could take to the end. Each route has a different feel to it, ranging from open to flooded and cramped. Players can make use of the Level Streaming to switch the temperature, revealing new routes to explore while closing off others

Level Streaming

One of the initial challenges creating this game was figuring out how to seamlessly switch between two separate levels at will. After some research, I discovered that by using Level Streaming I could achieve this effect easily. By using the blueprint system, I was able to quickly allow the player to switch between the 2 levels quickly, as well as allow designers to easily line up the levels without much extra effort.

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