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Wizards & Rhymes

Roles: Level Designer, Combat Designer

Genre: 3D Isometric Puzzle Adventure

Development Time: 4 Months 

Teams Size: 10

Engine: Unity

Wizard & Rhymes is a 3D isometric puzzle adventure where you are a wizard who must engage in an epic fantasy rap battle, using a fantastical weapon with words to snag your enemies fans and steal rhymes for epic burns. Unleash your wicked rhymes to make opponents stumble their words, claim street cred and become the Wizard of all Rhymes!

Awarded Best Overall Game at Michigan State University's Game Showcase


  • Met weekly with Iron Galaxy mentors, receiving feedback on weekly build and iterating based on their playtest feedback 

  • Designed, Implemented and Iterated on both Lightning Puzzle's as well as both Main Areas

  • Communicated effectively with art team to set dress both of the Lightning Puzzles and Main Areas, and 1 Ice Puzzle

  • Worked closely with Engineers to create Lightning Puzzle systems and use developed designer tools

Push Block Puzzle Design

One of my main goals for the first of the two Lightning Puzzles was for it to smoothly introduce players to the new mechanics they would encounter down the road. I made the first area of the Push Block Puzzle to show the player the basics of the puzzle's mechanics, before introducing them to a more complex puzzle comprised of the same mechanics in the second area.

In the Alpha version, players would sometimes miss the tutorial decals on the wall when entering the first area, as well as not realize they could push the Electric Block in the last section. As a result, I made the decals appear above where the player pushes the block in the first section so they couldn't miss them, as well as removed the part where the player had to push an Electric Block into place in the last section of the puzzle.

Lever Puzzle Design

For the second Lightning Puzzle, I wanted to combine the previous puzzle's different mechanics as well as a new lever mechanic. I accomplished this by introducing the players to the new lever mechanic in the first area of the Lever Puzzle, letting them learn the mechanic before leading them to the second area of the Lever Puzzle.

The second area combined all of the previous mechanics they had learned in the previous puzzle with the new Lever Puzzle mechanic. This area had two connected puzzles to solve, with each part having the player complete a lever puzzle in order to turn off a gate blocking a pressure plate. Once both gates were disabled, the player could move push blocks onto the pressure plates, allowing them to complete the level.

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